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Can I perform cross platform calls?

Yes, you can call other Speakeasy users whether they’re on Mac, Windows, IOS and Android, you can even use your web browser. If you are out and about and receive a call from a Speakeasy user on your mobile, and they are on another platform, the call will function as smoothly as it would on the same platform.

How do I send a file?

Easy file sharing makes collaboration so much easier. Speakeasy lets you share files up to 4GB in size, seamlessly within direct messages and topic discussions. Simply drag and drop your file into the chat or select an attachment from your device’s files and share away.

Do you have an app for Mac and Windows?

Speakeasy can be downloaded for Mac and Windows, directly from the website. They both work seamlessly with Speakeasy.

Do you have an app for iOS and Android?

Whether you are a fan of Apple or Samsung, Speakeasy works with both iOS and Android. You can also enjoy cross-platform communication. Chat and call with users that are on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android - hassle free.

Can I schedule a meeting with multiple people?

Yes you can. Meetings can be scheduled on a date of your choice, at any time of your choice. Meeting invitees will also be able to RSVP to the meeting to let you know if they’re attending.

Privacy & Security

Is my data safe?

Absolutely. When using Speakeasy your data is completely safe and secure. We keep multiple encrypted backups of all data to ensure that your data is not lost. We don’t mine data or have any interest in your personal data whatsoever. Our mission is clear; to continue to make your business communication with clients and team members easier.

What about security?

Security has never been more important. Speakeasy's database is encrypted both at rest and at work and all data is transmitted securely using industry standard encryption. We hold the encryption keys to be able to send and display your messages and other data, but we have strong and strict access protocols, policies, and auditing in place to prevent misuse. The platform is not end-to-end encrypted but it is as protected as it possibly can be.

Can you read my messages?

Technically yes, but practically we can't read your messages. Our access protocols are strict and don’t let us have access to your private messages. Whether they are inside of direct messages or topics, your messages are secure. All data is locked down tight and is inaccessible to our team.

Are my audio and video calls recorded?

Your calls are your calls, and we don't cross that line. All communication between individuals inside direct messages and topics is confidential to the participants. When calling a person directly we try to use a peer to peer connection between two participants, which are typically end-to-end encrypted.

What if I forget my password?

Accidents happen, we've all been there. Passwords can be reset on the Speakeasy application if you forget them. Luckily you’re able to always stay signed in so you won’t have to worry about remembering your details.

Getting Started

Inviting another user.

Inviting new users has never been easier. In each topic, there is an ‘Invite by name or email’ bar on the right side of your screen. This allows you to invite anyone to a particular topic without them having to make a profile/sign-up. You can invite others via the ‘share link’.

Creating a topic.

When making a new topic, the process is simple. On the left side of your screen, there is a ‘+’ icon that allows you to add a new topic. From that point, you are then able to decide what idea you are going to be collaborating on and invite the relevant people to that topic. The people you invite can be current Speakeasy users or even external people that can be invited via their email addresses or topic links.

What is Speakeasy?

Speakeasy is an easy to use communication tool. It works really well for freelancers, agencies, general professionals and anyone who needs easy communication. It is an easy to onboard platform that helps to improve your client relations. Combining the best features of incumbent communication apps like Zoom, Teams and Slack, Speakeasy is a next-generation platform that prioritises user experience and reduces friction to help you get more done with less effort.

How do I make an account?

Creating an account is quick and simple. There are two main ways to make a Speakeasy account. Firstly you can go to our sign-up page and create an account from there. Alternatively, once you are invited to a topic, you will receive an email link to join and you can make your account from there.

What is the difference between a topic and a DM?

The big difference here is going from a one on one conversation, to a specific group topic. Direct messages are to one person. Topics can have as many participants as you want and they help you stay organised by having a subject.

Billing & Account

How do I add my team?

Join in one click. Your whole team can join Speakeasy via an email invitation or simply by following the sign-up page on our website. Head to the billing section and it gives you the option to include other team members accounts in your bill.

What plans are available?

The great thing about Speakeasy is that we can cater to all sorts of needs. We offer Free, Pro and Enterprise plans. Each plan gets better and better, with access to more features and upgraded limits. Visit our Pricing page for specifics.

Do I have to pay to use Speakeasy?

In short, no you don’t. Our paid options give users the ability to get the most out of the platform. If you plan to use Speakeasy on a daily basis, using our Pro plan will be extremely beneficial in the long run as you interact with more clients and projects.

Do my clients have to pay to use Speakeasy?

Your clients get the benefits of your plan while you’re working together. Whatever plan you pay for, your clients will reap those rewards for each project you collaborate on.

I work for myself, what’s the point in using a paid option?

As a freelance worker, it can be really hard to maintain multiple clients and projects at once. Speakeasy Pro gives you all the benefits from the free version plus essential extra goodies. Increasing file size and storage limits is a huge benefit for freelancers as it allows you to send raw and completed projects without the risk of the files being too large to exchange.

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