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Your phone should only buzz when something is truly important. That’s why Speakeasy reduces notifications, and reserves disruptions for critical or time sensitive messages

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All of your data is securely transmitted and stored. Keep your conversations, files, and calls private - so only those who need to see it can.

Any Team, Any Job


  • → Work closely with clients
  • → Manage projects and tasks
  • → Share files and assets


  • → Manage clients and teams
  • → Improve communication
  • → Track projects and updates


  • → Build team culture
  • → Improve efficiency
  • → Distribute workforce


  • → Manage external teams
  • → Share designs and requirements
  • → Monitor work and progress

HR & Recruiting

  • → Interview candidates
  • → Onboard new employees
  • → Support remote work


  • → Share screens and designs
  • → Work in tandem across teams
  • → Gather feedback and notes

For small teams

Work closely with your clients and improve your working relationships

For big teams

Compliment and enhance your existing communication tools when working with external teams

Build your culture

Share your wins and celebrate success with everyone involved

Share everything

Onboard people to your private channels with an email or link, no login required

Connect with anyone, anytime

Web, iOS, Android, Mac, Windows & Linux

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